Our Week in Paradise!


Our ship was the Disney Wonder sailing from the Port of Miami. We checked out of the Ritz South Beach (I was very sad to be leaving and gave serious thought to just staying on South Beach for a week) and headed to the boarding area: 

When we first got to the ship, the kids wanted to go and explore and play and swim and check everything out, but they required all passengers to first learn where the muster stations were and learn the emergency life vest and life boat drill. As you can see, the kids were NOT excited about the emergency drill. They guy next to me only spoke Russian - you can tell by his expression he had no idea what the officers were saying ... lol... I guess we'll get to the life boats before the Ruskies :)   

The video presentation on Mid Deck 9 showing the course we would be sailing across the Western Caribbean and giving us our ports of call information

NOW!!! We can go and see our staterooms!

We purposely chose two inside staterooms with no ocean view because: they were less expensive, we didn't have to worry about the kids falling overboard or opening the windows or whatever, they were more private, and since you can't see the waves and swells it was less likely for Garrett to be seasick...( and he wasn't) -  the kids didn't mind, they were happy with the rooms! 

We were all called over the load speakers for the "Launch Party" on Mid Deck 9 and told to have our bathing suits ready. Everyone got a tropical drink and party streamer and we did a big count down to the launch with live music and then we were underway.... 

Our first port of call will be Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 36 hours of sailing from now. Once we cleared the end of the Port, the pools were open and everyone was invited to swim. There are 2,100 passengers aboard, more than half of whom are kids. Can you imagine the noise of over 1,000 kids yelling and screaming on deck when the pools opened?? Man...