Our Week in Paradise!


And we're off!!! This was the giant screen they had Mid Deck 9 which always had something or other playing on it. Sometimes they broadcast the Disney Channel, sometimes they gave talks, sometimes they played music videos, sometimes they discussed things on the ship or our next port or something.... always something... along with all the sugar high kids, Mid Deck 9 was always really loud.... always....

There were 3 pools on Deck 9 - The Kid Pool Mid Ship, The Adult Quiet Pool Forward Deck with two hot tubs, and Mickey's Water Slide Pool Aft Deck. The Spa and Fitness Center were forward of the Adult Pool. The Spa was amazing! Completely quiet and tranquil and it smelled of tropical fruit. I had to escape to the Spa Lobby a few times just to calm down from the mass of screaming kids. I used the fitness center for about 30 minutes each morning by waking up before the kids... you could watch the ocean from the treadmills which was very cool, although running on a treadmill while on a swaying ship was an interesting experience in balance and coordination. 

On Deck 9, they had an all-you-can-eat ice cream machine, soda machines, and pizza or hamburger service at the pool plus a full bar for the adults.... they also had Goofy's Beach Blanket Buffet near Mickey's Slide Pool which was an all-day all you can eat buffet, if you wanted to go get yourself a tray anytime you could... the food available on the ship was really excessive .... all you can eat / all the time / everywhere..... every kid was on a sugar high most the entire time and most adults had a constant buzz-on... all the food and non-alcohol drinks were included in the price of the cruise. It was truly eat-all-you want -- ask the deck hand for 6 burgers at a time - well, you got them.. some passengers were clearly taking this on as a challenge... it was hard to watch.... I'm not judging, I mean hey, you are on vacation, have fun!! I am just saying some people REALLY went to town on food and drink...

When Mid Pool was closed, it turned into a dance floor. They had a dance party most mornings before the pool opened... 

The way the meals worked was that we were assigned a dinner reservation each night at a specific restaurant at a specific time and then we were free to make our own decisions for breakfast and lunch, for which their were many options. 

There were 3 Restaurants on Board: 

Triton's Mid Deck 3 - themed like Ariel / Little Mermaid - This was a sit down restaurant that was open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with menu service. You just made your own breakfast or lunch reservations here if you wanted... 

Parrot Cay Forward Deck 4 - Themed like a tropical bird paradise - This was open from 7 am to 3 pm as an all-you-can-eat buffet... just walk in, grab a plate and go at it... tons of food here all extremely tasty..  

Animators Palate Aft Deck 4 - This is the restaurant you see in all the ads with the pictures that change and the neon light show while you eat... very cool... reservations required for breakfast and lunch... no additional cost, just need to call ahead... 





The food was all really extremely very good. I managed myself by eating hearty breakfasts of juice, coffee, grains, an egg, and tropical fruit, then a really light lunch (like just a small tortilla wrap or half sandwich with some fruit), then I had afternoon drinks and really allowed myself to enjoy dinner. The dinners were amazing!!! High quality Chef Prepared - Lobster, Red Snapper, Salmon, Tri-Tip Beef, etc... very very very very good...I really focused on the fresh seafood... most amazing fresh fish I have had in a long time!!!  5-Star Resort Quality!! :) 

The Kids loved the Ice Cream 

Ansley in Kids Club. We were hoping that the kids were going to spend a lot of time in kids club and let us have some down time together but that never really worked out. They never made it more than 20-30 minutes at a time and so every time we dropped them off we were being paged as soon as we thought we were free... no down time for us... always something with the kids... always.... 

There were two theaters on board - The Walt Disney Theatre for live shows and the Buena Vista Theatre for movies

We saw Toy Story the Musical, When you Wish Upon a Star, and a magic show in the Walt Dinsey Theatre.

We saw OZ in the Buena Vista Theatre 

They had a constant string of character meet-and-greets outside of Triton's on Mid Deck 3. In the mornings, it was the Princesses. 

Unfortunetly, the lines for the characters were usually very long and with so much to do we had to let Ansley just watch from Deck 4 -- I mean, we always gave her a choice "We can wait in line but then we will miss something else...." 

We had a personal Cabin steward who came in a made our rooms and cleaned up after us just about every time we headed out. His job was to get to know us personly and he made suggestions about activities and other such things. Our room was always clean. Every time we came back from anything, the room was spotless. Top Service! Good job!! 

One of the funny things he did was to fold our towels into animal shapes which really amused us and the kids. It became a game to go back to the room to see what towel animal was waiting. 

Towel Dinosaur 

Towel Elephant holding a Blue Hawaiin for Dara. Dara really liked this one :) 

Towel Elephant for the kids with the guide of daily activities.

Towel Monkey